About XII Eighteen

XII Eighteen was built upon the two main values of the founder, CEO, Photographer & Artistic Director - Keocca Bagley - values of unapologetic confidence &  creativity. The primary goal is to provide an experience that extends beyond the piece or purchase. Each product is guaranteed to deliver quality pieces that not only make you look good, but feel good. Beyond the product / piece there is extreme focus placed on packaging, delivery and customer service.
The curated collections and pieces are selected and created with the everyday woman in mind. Quality and comfort, is the core of the brand.  At the same time, pairing luxury quality affordable price points. From the office, to a day of errands, each collection offers something that all women love.



The Founder:

Keocca Bagley built the brand to reflect her personal & professional experiences.  From fashion to photography. Taking everything from not being able to afford the high - fashion pieces, to learning fashion is more than a designer piece. Keocca began designing and tailoring her own pieces of clothing in high-school, where her love for fashion began. Throughout her early 20’s, Keocca challenged herself to create timeless, essential looks with thrifted items. In addition, pairing high luxury pieces with essential basics. From there her personal style was born. The perfect combination of Chic + Street-style. 


The foundation to a good look / wardrobe: 

Good basics

Learning how to wear items more than once & creating multiple looks

Sourcing good transitional pieces

…owning your look!